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General Consultations

Specialists within the Springvale Endoscopy Centre will provide general consultation in gastroenterological disorders. This includes irritable bowel syndrome, gastro-oesophageal relux disease, peptic ulcerations, screening for bowel cancer, diverticular disease, inlammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, liver disease as well as ano rectal conditions. General surgical consultations are also available.

Endoscopy Gastroscopy

Gastroscopy is an examination of the oesophagus, stomach and the duodenum (first part of the small intestine). This is performed under intravenous sedation or light anaesthetic. A flexible video scope is passed down the mouth to examine the upper gastrointestinal tract. Usually a biopsy (sampling of the lining of the intestine) is performed at the same time. Gastroscopy is indicated for people who have heartburn, upper abdominal pain or difficulty in swallowing.

Capsule Endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy is a new technique which is now available to investigate the small intestine of the digestive system. This involves swallowing a small capsule which then travels through the small intestine. As it travels through the small intestine it emits images which are recorded externally on a data recorder worn by the patient. The capsule is eventually expelled. The procedure does not require any anaesthetic. It is mainly indicated for patients who have low blood count or anaemia with suspected blood loss from the small intestine.

Pre-anaesthetic consultations

Patients who are scheduled for either gastroscopy or colonoscopy may be required to attend pre-arraesthetic assessment with one of our anaesthetists. This applies to patients who have significant medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart or respiratory conditions) or patients who are overweight or above 70 years of age. Patients who are on certain medications like Warfarin or anti-platelet agents may also need to be assessed pre-endoscopy. This is to ensure that patients are well prepared for their endoscopy procedures. Patients who are well with no significant medical illness may book to have open access endoscopy.

Endoscopy Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is the examination of the large intestine. It involves inserting a flexible video scope through the anus to examine the whole of the large intestine. This procedure is particularly indicated for people who have bleeding and for screening for bowel cancers. Usually during this procedure a biopsy (sampling of the bowel wall lining) and removal of polyp may also be performed at the same time. Polyps are small mushroom like growths on the lining of the large intestine. These polyps are generally removed as they may turn in to cancerous growths in future. Colonoscopy requires a good bowel preparation so that the lining can be clearly visualized.